Steel industry


The most demanding working environment in the world requires the best bearing, which is rarely as harsh as the rolling mill, continuous casting machine, converter and other equipment in the metallurgical industry. These working conditions require the bearing to resist the adverse effects of high temperature, heavy load, water and dust. Over the years, in order to meet the requirements of harsh environment to adapt to extreme conditions, our bearings have excellent quality, accuracy and innovative technology.

In the metallurgical industry, we are not only a bearing manufacturer, but also a solution provider. With the development of product models and service types, we have the ability to provide customized solutions for our customers. Our products are also selected by the mill manufacturer as installed components. Rolling mill roll bearing is the heart of rolling mill. Our work roll bearing, support roll bearing and thrust bearing can guarantee the continuous operation of the rolling mill for 24 hours under extremely harsh environment.

In addition to roller bearings, we can also provide caster bearings, converter trunnion bearings and other auxiliary equipment bearings. The bearing of continuous caster must be subject to constant erosion of high temperature, cooling water and dust. Our split cylinder, self-aligning roller bearing and standard sector bearing can provide excellent solutions for the application of continuous casting. The trunnion bearing of converter and the bearing of auxiliary equipment such as leveler, finisher, uncoiler, coiler, disc shear and conveying raceway ensure that we can provide customers with comprehensive bearing solutions.