Wafangdian Zhengda metallurgical rolling mill bearing Co., Ltd. was established in September 1994. Now the company covers an area of 21208 square meters, with a building area of 15000 square meters. It is located in the northern suburb of Wafangdian Bearing Factory, the birthplace of Chinese bearings in Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province. There are Shenyang Dalian Expressway, medium long railway, Dalian seaport and international airport. The land, sea and air transportation is very convenient.

Wafangdian Zhengda metallurgical rolling mill bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of rolling mill bearings in China. It is a provincial-level quality and reputation assurance unit and the product is qualified by international standards. It is a member unit of the equipment accessories center of China Metallurgical Enterprise Management Association, with advanced technology, complete testing means, and quality control in the whole production process. In 2008, it obtained the ISO9001:2000 certificate of SGS company of Switzerland; In April 2010, SGS passed the iso14004:2004 environmental management system certification and obtained the environmental management system certification.

The bearing rings are made of high quality and low oxygen content vacuum degassed bearing steel; the equipment is sophisticated and the heat treatment adopts the multi-purpose furnace production line, which is at the advanced level in China; the product parts are strengthened to improve the surface quality and fatigue strength, which is welcomed by the majority of customers. Our company has a certain share of the rolling mill bearings used by Shanghai Baosteel, Wuhan steel works, Baotou Steel works, Laiwu steel works, Chengde Steel works, Shougang strip steel works, Kungang, Guangzhou Angang, Beiman steel works, Fushun Steel works, Guanggang, guangdai and other units.

Over the years, the company has obtained 41 patent certificates, including 7 invention patents and 34 utility model patents, which have been awarded as Dalian patent demonstration enterprise. The company has more than 100 excellent equipment. The CNC grinder equipment purchased by the company ensures the accuracy of the products. The heat treatment workshop adopts the Austria multipurpose furnace production line, and the whole process computer automatic control. The advanced equipment achieves the world first-class level. The multi-purpose furnace can be bright quenching, gas carburizing and carbonitriding, preventing the workpiece from oxidation and decarbonization during the hot working process. The brand products produced by the company are positioned as the high-end rolling mill bearing market, and the marketing strategy based on the domestic market and focusing on the foreign market and domestic alternative imported bearing market is implemented. In recent years, the bearing of high-speed wire rod mill has been specially developed. The products are widely used in high-speed wire rod, bar, plate, profile and other rolling equipment and rubber and plastic machine equipment in metallurgical industry. The product quality conforms to national standards, international standards and special requirements of customers. The registered trademark of the product is "wzzz". The developed rolling mill bearing occupies a certain advantage in the industry and enjoys a high reputation. Among them, 330661c British four row tapered roller bearing and sealed four row tapered roller bearing have been successfully used in 1700 cold rolling mill of WISCO, replacing the imported ones; 331168a domestic bearing for Xiamen Zhongda bar has been successfully used; idtb0034-2ls with sealed double row tapered roller bearing designed for 2050 vertical hot rolling mill of Baosteel has been successfully used in trial, t-e-48680d / 48620 / 4862 0deiv4 bearing replaced SKF Bearing in Shanghai Baosteel Group and successfully replaced it. It successfully developed sealed double row tapered roller bearing for 2050 tropical vertical roll mill of a steel plant in Shanghai and won the gold medal of international invention pioneer in Nuremberg, Germany. It has been successfully used in many well-known steel mills to replace imported bearings. The research and development of four row cylindrical roller bearing with seal, senjimir bearing, vibrating screen bearing, continuous casting and rolling mill bearing, and the research and development of stamping cage of spherical roller bearing not only prolong the service life of bearing, but also reduce the production cost for users. "Wzzz" products are not only popular in China, but also exported to Austria, Germany, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions, deeply trusted by users at home and abroad.

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Qualification Certificate

86Large projects completed

41National patent

2626 years of establishment

86Large projects completed

41National patent

2626 years of establishment

WaFangDian ZhengDa Metallurgical Mill Bearing Co.,Ltd.

With the recovery of domestic economy, the demand of all walks of life is gradually stronger, and the steel industry is the first to bear the brunt. According to the national policy, we advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, and eliminate backward production capacity. Some small steel mills with serious pollution and backward production capacity have been banned one by one. Instead, the competitive advantages of some large state-owned steel enterprises have gradually emerged. The state proposes to "transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry. The focus of manufacturing industry development is to optimize the structure, improve the quality of varieties, enhance the supporting capacity of the industry, "support the technological transformation of enterprises, and enhance the ability of new product development and brand innovation". Bearing production is an important part of the manufacturing industry, and the large support roll bearing is an important part of the large rolling mill in the rolling industry. "The bearing industry proposes that before the independence rate of major equipment bearing - Comprehensive independence rate reached more than 80%, these large support roller bearings mainly rely on imports, which is a large expenditure of the enterprise. The long-life supporting roller bearing for large-scale rolling mill just fills the gap in China, reduces the cost for steel enterprises and creates profits and taxes for the country. At present, the main enterprises that can produce this kind of products are Wazhou group, Northwest Bearing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tianma bearing factory. These enterprises have a complete range of products, basically nine kinds of bearings are produced, which can not effectively reflect their professionalism. At the same time, due to the large size of the model, there is no advantage in the price. On the contrary, our company has built its own factory to produce professional products The bearing enterprises of rolling mill are highly professional. At the same time, due to their small scale and flexible management, they are able to solve practical problems for customers according to the quality policy of "your reality, my plan". Therefore, in recent years, the market share of long-life bearings for large supporting rollers has basically reached 5%. The international market situation and the future growth trend of the product, the competitiveness in the international market, and the possibility of substitute import or export of the product.

At present, most of the large steel mills in the international market adopt SKF, FAG and Timken bearing brand products. Generally, the processing cycle is relatively long and the price is relatively high. For European and American countries, most of them will choose such products, but for emerging economies, India, Brazil, South Africa and some Southeast Asian countries often choose to compete with relatively high products from mainland China. With the participation of foreign exhibitions and some domestic bearing exhibitions, more and more foreign customers will know about "wzzz" brand products, which will increase the export volume of the company.



Exported to Austria, Germany, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions, deeply trusted by users at home and abroad

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Development direction of company brand construction

Enterprise development plan

Three step development plan of Zhengda Company in the future

1. Consolidate the market share of "wzzz" brand in the domestic cold rolling market, and continue to develop cooperation with state-owned enterprises and state-owned steel giants, so as to achieve good performance in this basic market.

2. Replace the imported bearings in the products of domestic precision rolling mill, reduce the production cost for customers, use our high reliability products, realize the win-win situation between customers and "wzzz" brand, and make due contribution to the rapid development of the country

3. Go abroad, let "wzzz" brand directly participate in the international bearing market competition, seize the market share of world-class bearing manufacturers, and use our high reliability, high precision and long-life products to win honor for the country.

Core Competitiveness



In September 1994, Wafangdian rolling mill special bearing factory was established
Renamed as WaFangDian ZhengDa Metallurgical Mill Bearing Co.,Ltd.
In 2002, it became a member of material heat treatment branch of China Bearing Industry Association
In 2003, the PN bearing made for Zhujiang steel was approved
Obtained the qualification certificate of import and export enterprise. In the same year, purchased a new aixielin multi-purpose furnace production line
Mass production of shale shaker bearing and four row tapered roller bearing without spacer ring; 5 items with independent intellectual property rights
The non spacer four row tapered roller bearing ftws0066 exported to Korea is successful
In 2007, it was awarded the title of "benefit growing private small and medium-sized enterprise" by Dalian municipal government
Wafangdian municipal government awarded the title of "top 50 enterprises with comprehensive strength of Wafangdian City"
The forum of world outstanding Chinese Merchants Association awarded "the most growing enterprise"
Passed the ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification of SGS company